Sitting pretty with lots of eye contact :)

Sitting pretty with lots of eye contact



It’s always good for your puppy to have a safe place. Waffle’s bed feels really safe to him.

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We’ve become very booked-up in puppy classes, so we’re offering a new 4 session course for new puppy owners in their homes.


It gives owners a chance for individual attention and gives them time to ask all those questions that you find yourself googling, or turning to puppy manuals for in the first weeks. Often, you find that you’re still thinking, ‘well, yes, but what if … ?’ because all puppies are different. And Mr Google doesn’t always have the answers!

This is little Waffle, a Vizla of 11 weeks. He’s been with his owners for a week, and they had lots of questions about toilet-training and nipping. Like so many puppies, Waffle is getting over-excited when he plays, and his owners were at a bit of a loss about how to manage him when he’s in that state of Puppy Craziness. Needle-teeth can hurt!

Those early weeks in the new home lay the foundations for the rest of your puppy’s life. Often, waiting til 12 or 13 weeks to join a class can feel like it’s a bit too late and bad habits have set in. If you have a puppy, or are thinking about getting one, contact us for help to create those strong, early foundations that will result in a polite, well-mannered puppy from the start.

He’s a bright wee thing, and Waffle was easy to shape to give me eye contact within only a few minutes of meeting me – even though he was fast asleep for 15 mins when we first got there. We didn’t wake him until I was sure he wouldn’t feel startled or overwhelmed by the Crazy Grey Haired Lady. Then we used Thinking-Dog methods to get him happily looking at me before we took him into the garden.

He’s a treasure – we’ll keep you updated with his progress over the next few weeks.