We’ve been very pleased to watch the progress of two of our young dogs recently. They both came to us with problems of Fizziness with the odd bit of Rowdiness thrown in. In some ways, their owners felt they were getting very difficult to manage, because they pulled on the lead, jumped up at people, and were quite bad-mannered when outside on walks.

Their owners have worked incredibly hard with them – which is the real reason they’ve made the progress they have. Goku, the GSD x husky pup has been a star. His owners have followed everything we’ve suggested to the letter, and the result is a focused, calm boy who just wants to please them.

His owners have been two of the most committed folk we’ve worked with, and the progress they’ve made has happened in only 6 weeks. We’re thrilled (but will sadly miss him) that he won’t be attending Life Skills sessions anymore, because he’s graduated with flying colours. We’ll be looking forward to seeing him on our Guided Walks in the future, though.


As for Rosco, he’s getting just where his owners want him to be. His walk yesterday was great – he may have plunged out of the car a little rashly because he wanted to see Sand and I, but after that, he put his ‘sensible hat’ on, and you can see from the pics how calm he was. There was barely any pulling on the lead. At the end, he and I had a bit of a daft moment in and out of the water, but he calmed down as soon as I stopped being giddy with him. He wouldn’t have been able to do that, even a month ago.

He still has a little way to go in the home, he’s a bit prone to Bossy Barking for attention and his jumping-up needs work. But he’s come a long, long way in a relatively short time. His owners have been committed to trying really hard to put-in-place the suggestions we’ve made.

Congratulations to both sets of owners: we’re proud of you!