Nia, giving lovely eye contact in new surroundings while learning to feel easy with another dog working nearby.


Bella working with her mat and a target. These kind of Brain Games teach her to make calm decisions when near other dogs


Seren and her mum doing Loose Lead walking – this is a lovely example of how a lead should be held. Lightly and gently, giving your dog room to sniff while maintaining a ‘smile’ shape in the lead


Cyril, demonstrating that the best thing to do with trot poles is treat them like a box and sit in them!


Goku working on a stool with Archie nearby. Both dogs are learning to feel easy and calm around other dogs, and using Bodywork helps both of them to think things through, rather than reacting.


Our most troubled boy in the Paws Den. This is Archie, wearing a Calming Band to help him feel easier about working as a Buddy Dog for the first time. He worked with Goku, the young GSD x husky and both of them responded without a single woof at each other!


Rosco learning that referring back to a handler feels better than getting excited and pinging at another dog. 


Beautiful young Barney, who has made huge progress with his Loose Lead walking in just a fortnight. His owners have worked so hard with him that he’s gone from Pulling-Like-a-Tank to calm walking beside his mum.


Sweet little Molly, showing that even fizzy girls can calm when on her Calming Mat. She cracked it within minutes, and was soon lying down quietly for her mum.