20170124_123353This is Molly, who I met this week. She’s a beautiful golden retriever x collie from Romania.

When she came to her family she was nervous of everything and found it difficult to be in a room with people. The tiniest noise would send her scurrying for a hiding place.20170124_123342

After a lot of patience and hard work from her owners, she has become a more confident and secure pup of 12 months. She is still uncertain of people and can be a bit barky at things that alarm her, so we will be working on helping her feel more secure around people and other dogs.

She’s highly intelligent and was quick to understand Thinking-dog methods. Her mum and dad soon had her focused and walking beautifully on a loose lead. She was also very calm when a man came  to deliver leaflets to the door, after working out that not barking Feels Good – much better than barking!