My Thinking Dog Behaviour Programme aims to help you work with your dog’s problems, no matter what they might be.

I begin by sending you a questionnaire via email, which asks you to outline any problems you’re having with your dog and gives me a clear picture of how we can begin to work with your dog. The next step is a consultation at home, in your dog’s normal environment. Working with you at home lets me see how your dog behaves on a day-to-day basis. I spend between 2 and 3 hours observing your dog, understanding the root of any problems you’re having and teaching you the skills to work with those issues.

A tired and smiley Coco after her session

The work that we do is very practical, and we aim to teach you how to train your dog to focus on you and function more calmly in the home and out and about during this first session.

The 1-1 Consultation costs £80 for one dog and £100 for two. If you have more than two dogs in the home, please call or email Fern and ask for prices

We then follow-up with sessions that are either held at home or in venues around Lincoln, depending on your dog’s needs. Each session lasts for half an hour and costs £20.


Please call (07908427031) or email me at for further detail about what to expect in a consultation.