Our Thinking-Dog Life Skills Programme aims to help your puppy or older dog become well socialised and well-mannered both at home and out-and-about.

We start with a 1 hour assessment at home, in your puppy/dog’s normal environment. This session costs £4 for one puppy/dog and £50 for two. If there are more dogs in the home, please ask for prices.

We then follow-up with a further hour’s session at home and in the streets around your home. In this session you will learn to put into practice the skills I teach about how to handle your puppy or dog both at home and in public. This session costs £40.

The third session is an hour’s session either at home or in a safe place where we can walk your puppy or dog. This session is about consolidating the skills that you have learned, and costs £40.

After your third session, you may feel that you would like to continue working with other dogs who are learning similar skills and there will be an option to continue having half hour training sessions. This will involve working in pairs or threes with other owners and their dogs. Each of these sessions costs £20 if you are working alone with your dog, or £15 if you’re sharing a session with other customers.


These sessions are for puppies of between 10 weeks and 6 months who have had their full course of vaccinations and are ready to be walked outside.

In these sessions we teach:

  • Loose lead walking
  • How to be polite and well mannered around other dogs and people
  • How to cope with traffic, loud noises and new experiences
  • Advice for owners on nutrition, exercise, neutering and All Things Puppy!
  • How to cope with typical puppy problems, such as nipping, house-training and jumping-up

The sessions are structured so that there are plenty of rest periods and opportunities for your puppy to work with other, older dogs so that they learn the social skills they need.


These sessions are for older pups and dogs who have mild issues, such as pulling on the lead or lack of recall.

In these sessions we teach:

  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • How to focus completely on owners when needed
  • Leave it
  • How to be polite and well-mannered around other dogs and people
  • How to cope with typical teenage problems, such as over-excitability, attention-seeking and jumping-up.



We base all our work on teaching your dog how to behave calmly in any situation. If you have a puppy, she will learn to be happy, polite and calm around other dogs and people. If you have a Timid dog, she or he will grow in confidence and there will be a reduction in anxiety. If you have a ‘Fizzy’ dog (the teenager that gets over-excited about everything), your dog will learn to be polite and calm when at home and out-and-about.




If your dog has problems with people or other dogs, please get in touch for a one-to-one consultation on 07908427031 or

To book a place on our Thinking-Dog Life Skills Programme, please call Fern on 07908427031 to arrange a Thinking-Dog Life Skills Assessment, or you can email me at




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