I offer the following services:


Thinking Dog Behaviour Programme Consultation – £80 for one dog – £100 for two or more dogs

Half hour Follow-up session – £20 for one dog £30 for two dogs (£10 per quarter hour one dog and £15 per quarter hour two dogs)

Detailed written Action Plan: £30 for one dog £55 for two dogs


THINKING-DOG DISTANCE PROGRAMME – for long-distance clients. The programme consists of 4 sessions, based either on email, telephone or Facebook consultation.

Each session results in a full Action Plan which is emailed to the client within 48 hours of the session and is tailored to your dog’s needs.

The programme includes the following booklets which are available in a PDF format, at a cost of  £1.50 each, exclusively priced for those following the Thinking-Dog Programme.

Ping Pong Puppy – Shaping the Thinking-Dog’s Focus

Loose Lead Walking

Calm Sniffly Walks for the Thinking-Dog

Nutrition – free of charge

Remedies for the Anxious Dog – free of charge 

Other relevant booklets will be sent to the client once the dog’s issues have been assessed (please see booklet section below)

The Thinking-dog Distance Programme can take place either by telephone consultation, skype, or by email.

  • First Email consultation based on a questionnaire completed by client: £60. This includes a full Action Plan.
  • Follow-up emails and Action Plans: £40
  • OR
  • Telephone consultation: £60 for first phone consultation, based on a questionnaire completed by the client. This includes a full Action Plan.
  • Follow-up calls:£10 per quarter hour plus £20 per Action Plan

‘Chat’ on Facebook – £10 per quarter hour.

All these are pre-arranged at a convenient time, and pre-paid by BACS



4 hour workshop (available for 4 – 6 people) – £50 per person.

Workshops are offered to trainers, rescue workers, pet sitters and kennel staff.

Groups can choose from one of the following:

  • Handling Unknown Dogs
  • Reading and Managing the Reactive Dog
  • Loose-lead walking
  • Bodywork (groups can bring their own dogs)

All workshops include hand-outs on nutrition, exercise and our Thinking-Dog and Shaping booklet.


This is offered to other trainers, rescue workers, pet-sitters, and kennel staff. We can work with interested pet owners, but all those who study with us will need to ensure they have full (and proof of) insurance. This is because we are working with members of the public and highly reactive dogs.

  • Book list, Thinking-Dog and Shaping booklet plus selection of 6 leaflets from our range of publications (as downloadable pdf) – £20
  • Shadowing a Trainer during Thinking-Dog Sessions – £10 (plus optional half-hour feed-back following session at an additional £5)
  • Shadowing a Trainer at a half-hour Grumbly Dog 1-1 – £15
  • Shadowing Fern on 1-1 Consultations – £20 (plus optional half-hour feed-back following the session, at an additional £5)
  • Observation – where Fern observes: how the trainer manages his/her own dog; how the trainer manages a class; how the trainer works in a 1-1 consultation; how the trainer works with a customer and their dog/dogs. Fee applies to any additional feedback.
  • Detailed written, emailed evaluation of any of the above – £30


Thinking-Dog and Shaping – £5

LEAFLETS – £2.50 each unless otherwise stated

Ping Pong Puppy

Nipping Puppies

New Puppy New World

Teenage Tantrums

Crate Training the Shaping Way

Remedies for Anxious Dogs * (£3)


Shaping Calm – Lunging and Barking dogs *

My Dog’s Worst Enemy is the Dog Next Door *

Fear of Cars

Fireworks and Scaredy Dogs*

Solving Separation Anxiety and Shaping Independence (2 separate booklets –both are needed for working with Separation Anxiety)

Loose Lead Walking*

Calm Sniffy Walks*

Prey Drive – Shaping the Calm

Introducing Dogs to Resident Cats

Stress Signals in Dogs (50p)

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs (50p)

*Most recommended choice for trainers/rescue workers/pet sitters/kennel staff working with us, but please choose those that you feel will be most helpful to you.

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