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The Over Excitable Puppy

Almost every puppy goes through a period when you feel that everything you’ve taught him has been forgotten. How you react to these weeks of challenging behaviour can make all the difference, and having a few tools in your tool-kit can help you and your pup come through this period confidently and calmly.




Lottie Pupdate

It was really good to catch up with Lottie and her mum recently. We went for a lovely walk with her new buddy. Blade is a boy who is in rescue kennels but has been finding things a bit difficult. So, Lottie and her owners were able to offer him foster care for a while. Who would have guessed that Lottie, who had so many problems with dogs, would be able to welcome another dog into her home.

It’s been several months since we’ve seen Spotty Lots, so it was joyful to see her running happily with another dog. Her mum sends me updates now and then, with photos of Lottie happily spending time with the friends that she now enjoys being with.

They’re all boys! As a girl who used to be very reactive with all dogs at quite a distance, she’s come a long way, but she definitely feels much more easy with boys than girls. She’s a bit of a floozy!

These pics show how much more confident and happy she is these days. I’m also particularly pleased that she can now spend most of her walks off lead. For those of you who are going through Recall training with me, Lottie is a perfect example of how our methods work.

Her mum was rigorous about following her Action Plan and not letting her off-lead until she could guarantee that Lottie was staying within her Feel Good circle. It took months with Lottie, because she had problems with other dogs and people and because her prey-drive was strong.

But they stuck with it, and she has brilliant recall now.

We had a delightful afternoon and it was lovely to see how happy she is now. Well done to her family for all their hard work – her mum, especially, has done wonders with her.