‘Hi  Fern. My whippets are all making progress thanks to your superb on-line  interventions. The techniques and methods you advise are positive and so right  for my dogs. In addition, your understanding of the issues I have faced when out  with one of my dogs is second to none and I really appreciate the time you have  spent in explaining carefully and fully to me what I need to do to resolve  these. Finally, I have to say that your methods  work ! So, satisfaction for me and  happiness for my dogs makes a great partnership.  A big thank you! Lynn Rixson, via email.

I have had a lot of problems with my cocker Spaniel, Lenny pulling on a lead. I was really impressed with Fern’s gentle technique which she used, which was to let the dog decide to make the correct decision and this was  all done by praise and through being very calm.
Since then I have had two one to one consultations in which Fern has shown me techniques to stop Lenny pulling on the lead.  It was great to have the support from Fern, knowing that if I had a problem I could contact her at any time for some advice.

I have also gone to Flexi-fun and Grumblies. Both have been very useful.  So many dog training courses are held in a hall and not true to life.  What I like about Fern’s group is that we are on a field, faced with issues which are real and very true to life.

It’s great to have Fern’s support and I really like the way that she focuses on each individual dog in a very special and caring manner.  She has a special talent and a very calming presence which makes a lot of dogs listen to what she wants by using certain body language and praise.  I feel I have been very lucky to meet and get to know Fern’. Lorraine, Lenny, cocker spaniel, Lincoln 

‘I first discovered Ferns excellent Happy Paws Dog Training face book page and website when I was seeking advise after adopting a rescued whippet in April 2012. She was always ready to discuss problems and offer practical Gentle solutions .

Fern has a gift for imparting ideas and training methods even from afar. I was so impressed by her methods that, when I was despairing with various problems I had with my large young saluki x, I travelled 250 miles to spend 3 days with Fern so that Wilf and I could benefit from her knowledge and calm assured training  manner . Both in a group situation and 121 Fern is able to assess  a dogs behaviour and help their owner to become confident and knowledgeable in working with the dog so that it becomes a happy confident dog able to meet all situations’ . Sarah, Wilf (saluki x greyhound), Mouse (whippet) and Dusty (greyhound) Bridport, (Lincoln Residential Training Course) 

‘When we bought a new whippet puppy, I did loads of research on how to train him, because I knew very little. I came across the Happy Paws website and it chimed with the research I’d read about the effectiveness of gentle, positive methods. Wilf is a year old now. He doesn’t have any major issues, but he and I are really benefitting from Fern’s help. I am happy to drive an for an hour and a half to go to sessions, because they have helped me put what I have read into practice much more effectively. The sessions are friendly and relaxed, and unlike other dog training programmes I’ve heard about from friends, no one is made to feel their dog is ‘bad’ or that they are failing in some way if, for example, their dog is a bit excitable, like Wilf. Fern has a great sense of humour and has helped me be more confident and consistent with training. After just two sessions, I am using what we’ve learned each day, and Wilf is calmer, much more responsive to me, and more relaxed as a result. I am much more attuned to what he’s trying to communicate, and every day our bond is strengthened, even if I don’t always get everything right. No one in my local region offers anything like Fern’s sessions. Wilf and I are so pleased to have found her.’ Jane and Wilf, whippet, Lincoln Grumblies walks 


‘Those 6 puppy classes with Fern were a lifesaver as we had previously been to another trainer but their methods were frightening Poppy and making her wary of her lead :(
Fern’s dog gentle methods helped us to learn so very much about puppies and how they socialize and we now have one very gorgeous and social 11 month old!’ Lou and Poppy, Labrador, Life Skills and Social Walks, 

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for showing me how to walk Lenny on the common this morning. I had tried different methods but as none of them had worked I had given into using a halti. Now, with watching your method I do feel a lot more inspired and I went out with Lenny this afternoon doing just what you showed me to do and it did work! I think sometimes I was looking for a quick fix and it is nice to know that, as you say, there really are no quick fixes but just persevering!’ Lorraine and Lenny, cocker spaniel, Lincoln 

‘I love it when you visit. I always feel inspired and like anything’s possible.’ Lyndsey and Saffy, cockerpoo, Lincoln 

‘Thank you. Have ordered salmon oil, plug in and Vit B supplement from internet – I just feel less alone with this already so massive thanks.’ Cathy and Rusty, terrier, via email support 

‘You have been so helpful and your guidance invaluable.  I really do feel that that the time invested in your classes will pay massive dividends. It’s been great having a trainer with confidence teach us how to raise our dogs.’  Pat, John, Livvy and Lenny, cockerpoo,  puppy classes, Lincoln

‘Thank you so much for replying to my pleas of help on the Scruples page a few weeks ago, your suggestions were great and as I have said, seem to have done the trick. We all feel that we can now enjoy Roxy and it’s now a pleasure to be with her.’ Jenny and Roxy, whippet, via email support

‘Thanks so much Fern, I’ve had a quick read through your email and everything you say makes a lot of sense, so yes it will be a long slow process and will require a lot of patience!’ Paula and Cooper, whippet, via email

‘Four weeks ago we became the new owners of a 4 year old gun shy working cocker spaniel called Monty.  He’s gentle and very good natured, but has never had much exposure to people, and is consequently quite nervous and shy.  He moved from a rural environment where he was often in a kennel, with other dogs in other kennels, to a domestic environment with two people who instantly loved him, but wanted try and make this massive upheaval as unstressful as possible for him.

‘Fern came to us a day or two after he arrived, and was able to give us invaluable information on how to develop a bond with Monty to help gain his trust, and to build his confidence.  She encouraged us to go at his pace, rather than our own, and showed us how to begin to read his body language.  This has helped hugely in learning when he is stressed or anxious, and enabled us to adjust our behaviour accordingly.  Fern’s calm, thoughtful and reassuring approach to both us and Monty helped us all through the early days.

Four weeks on, the change in Monty is very apparent. Although Monty bonded with Kev very quickly, he was much slower and more nervous towards me.  By putting into practice the skills and techniques Fern showed us in those early days, we are able to communicate with Monty in a much more informed and natural way, and the result is a very happy, loving, and slightly mischievous little dog, who communicates well with both of us.’ Bernice, Kev and Monty, working cocker spaniel, Lincoln 

‘I am so grateful that you took the time to talk with me the other evening. Thank you very much. The tools that you have described to me have already really helped me and Dougie. It is such a help because what you have explained to me means that neither Dougie or I get upset or stressed. I watch Dougie very carefully and when I see stress/fear signs I go through the process you explained.  It is quite a skill isn’t it….and absolutely fascinating.’ Anna and Dougie, lurcherxwhippet via email and phone 

‘Thank you so much for the extremely professional notes, just brilliant, and will be so very useful.’ Julie and Ellie, boxer, Lincoln 

‘You came into my home with a friendly, relaxed, calm and professional approach which immediately put me at ease and gave me confidence, especially when you started working with Charlie who responded to you straight away and I could see how much respect he had for you. You approached him with the same calmness and he was immediately attentive to you. This illustrated how your manner worked so well in communicating with Charlie. It was so lovely to watch and made me realise that my frustration about his behaviour was significantly adding to his problem behavior. Watching his responses closely as you advised, to various stimuli… horses, people, other dogs made me feel better able to read him and understand what he needed from me  i.e. when to treat/turn and walk away etc. in essence how to lead. Using your methods has already had a positive impact on his behaviour, but probably mostly on mine. I feel confident in your advice and am calmer and much more confident in working with him.’ Caroline and Charlie, chocolate Labrador, Lincoln 

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